• Poetry and Short Story Collections

    my POETRY & SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS – possibilities for the September Read Your Bookshelf Challenge

    September’s Read Your Bookshelf Challenge prompt is “collection” so today I am sharing some of my short story and poetry collections with you! If you are joining in on the Read Your Bookshelf Challenge make sure to head to this page each month to enter to win a $100 gift card! BOOKS MENTIONED I’d love to hear any collections you have that you may use for this prompt!

  • Homeschool Book Haul - lots of non-fiction books to add to our homeschool

    a summer homeschool BOOK HAUL

    Like every season, I’ve been keeping an eye out for some great homeschool resources and I’ve got a nice stack of books to share with you! These books all came from Book Outlet, I like to shop there because the books are discounted and help us save money in our homeschool! Plus, if you have never purchased from there before you can save $5 off your first order when you purchase through my link. The stock is always changing on…

  • New Picture Books Worth Reading - 2022 Picture Books

    new PICTURE BOOKS worth checking out

    A few years ago I did regular round ups of good picture books and since then I’ve been finding good picture books harder and harder to find. BUT I’ve made it my mission to be a resource for those looking for good picture books for their kids. I read through a large number of picture books published this year and today I have five picture books to share with you! The next time I have five picture books I’ll share…

  • The Best Christian Non-Fiction I've Read in the Last Year

    the best CHRISTIAN NON-FICTION I’ve read in the last year (or two) plus a giveaway!

    Welcome to my book-ish website for those who haven’t made their way here before! I am so excited to use this space to bring you even more book-ish content. I have so many ideas for different posts for this space so be sure to check back often because there will be new blog posts almost every day of the week! Anyway, it’s been awhile since I shared a list of my favorite Christian non-fiction books (like over a year, maybe…

  • A Grade Four Book List - middle grade books for fourth grade

    GRADE 4 BOOK LIST: 9 books I’m making my fourth grader read – mainly mystery and humorous books

    A couple of weeks ago I shared my book list for my seventh grade daughter and now it’s time to share the list for my fourth grade son! Since we just got a new foster child last week I figured I would just share this list on the blog instead of filming a video for it, it makes my life a little easier in the craziness that is the first little while with a new placement. My fourth grader has…

  • Middle Grade Books My Daughter has Enjoyed

    MIDDLE GRADE BOOKS my daughter has enjoyed this summer

    I am excited to start sharing some kids book lists here. I used to do this a lot over on my homeschool site but it just makes sense to have all the book lists in one place. Over time I may end up going back and even bringing in some of the more popular book lists from my homeschool site . . . or I’ll just stick to making new ones, only time will tell! Today I am kicking things…