4 books I checked out from THE LIBRARY this week

    You guys, I LOVE the library. Mine has a tally of the value of the books we check out each year and our family is already over the $13,000 mark, and that doesn’t include audiobooks! So, when I saw that Janssen from Everyday Reading on Instagram shares four books they checked out from the library that week I knew this was something I wanted to do as well. Without further ado, here are four (of many) books we checked out…


    GRADE 7 BOOK LIST: 20 books I’m making my seventh grader read – mainly historical fiction & fantasy

    Here’s a list of books I want my seventh grader to read in our homeschool this year. There’s a heavy emphasis on historical fiction (because: #learning) and fantasy (one of her favorite genres). The plan is for her to read about two books off of this list each month, that should be pretty easy for her. BOOKS MENTIONED If you have suggestions for books that you think she would like, please leave them in the comments below!