• August Patreon Page Count Reading Challenge

    AUGUST page count reading challenge

    This weekend is the August page count reading challenge over on Patreon! I kind of wish I would have started it today because I think I read 600+ pages today but I guess I’ll just hope to continue this streak. My goal for the weekend is 700 pages but if I keep reading like I did today I may blow that goal out of the water. If you want to join in with the page count reading challenge I would…


    STEELHEART spoilery vlog

    My Patreon spoilery vlog book this month is Steelheart and I couldn’t wait to get started on another Sanderson series! It was so fun to film my thought process and then watch it as I was editing and see the places where I was right and the places I was so wrong. Sanderson brought some fun twists in that I didn’t see coming and I really enjoyed that. Join the Windy Poplars tier on Patreon to get access to this…


    PRIDE & PREJUDICE spoilery vlog

    For the first time this year I decided to partake in Jane Austen July. There are a variety of different prompts one can fulfill for the readathon but I wanted to start by just reading one of Jane Austen’s novels and I decided to re-read Pride and Prejudice because I plan on reading five of her main novels this year. (This was my third for the year, I don’t plan on reading Mansfield Park, my strong dislike for that book…

  • Patreon Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt

    BOOKSHELF scavenger hunt 2.0

    Every month my Avonlea and Windy Poplars tiers on Patreon get a bonus video from me. I have a lot of fun with my Patreon exclusive videos, they are a little more raw and always so much fun to film because I know who I am filming them for. For the month of July I decided to do a Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt video, I had a number of prompts and I had to find books that had to fulfill the…


    JULY page count reading challenge

    For the last few months I have been running a page count reading challenge over on my Patreon. It’s just a super simple, personal challenge where I set a goal of the number of pages I want to read over a pre-determined amount of time and then try to reach my goal. A number of my patrons join in and set their own goals and it’s a great time to challenge ourselves in our reading. This week is the July…