• Dark Matter Reading Vlog

    DARK MATTER spoilery vlog

    This week I filmed a spoiler-filled reading vlog on the book Dark Matter for my Windy Poplars tier on Patreon. I have an alternate ending idea for the book though apparently not all agree with my ending. You can join Patreon and watch the vlog here.

  • September Page Count Reading Challenge on Patreon

    SEPTEMBER page count reading challenge

    It’s that time of month: time for the Patreon page count reading challenge! This month I have a few of the books I am currently reading that I would like to finish up. This month it’s running from now until the end of the day on Sunday, come join us if you would like!


    ranking books from my TBR

    This week I got my patrons over on Patreon to pick a bunch of numbers and I pulled the corresponding books from my TBR shelf and ranked them. Join me on Patreon to check out the video!

  • Patreon Book Club

    AUGUST book club

    Last night we met for our August book club over on Patreon and like every month, I went and requested a bunch of books from the library afterwards! I love that it’s a non-traditional book club and instead of all reading the same book we each come to the table with a book or two we’ve been enjoy lately, it helps grow my TBR each month! (Not that I necessarily need help with that.) If you want to join in…

  • Little Free Library Tour - Patreon Exclusive

    little free library TOUR

    This weekend I went around to a number of different Little Free Libraries and filmed a tour (plus a book unhaul and a haul after all the Little Free Libraries). If you want to check out the video make sure to join my Patreon since this was a Patreon exclusive video.

  • August Book Club

    AUGUST book club

    My patrons have voted and this month’s book club will be held on Saturday, August 27th at 8pm EST! We don’t read one particular book like most book clubs, rather, we each come with a favorite book or two from the month and rave about them to try to convince others to read them. I have picked up a number of books that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise because of this book club. Sometimes people even pick a book to…