• The Best Dairy Free Hot Cocoa - simple to make using any kind of dairy free milk (even dairy full if you want!)

    The Best Dairy Free Hot Cocoa

    This post was originally published a few years ago on a different blog of mine but because I mention my favorite dairy free hot cocoa on a regular basis on my BookTube channel I knew it needed a place on this blog. I don’t drink coffee and about a year ago I found one kind of tea that I enjoy. But I am often cold and live in a land of almost perpetual winter so a girl has got to…


    where I find out about NEW BOOK RELEASES

    Every time I share some of my anticipated releases (my next one will be coming out soon!) I get asked where I find out about new books coming out so I thought it would make sense to write a post I could point people to! I’ve only recently gotten into keeping up with new releases in the last year and a half or so and even then, sometimes I like to hear what others think about a book before picking…


    the best BOOK and READING podcasts to listen to

    Awhile ago I asked on Instagram for your favorite book and reading podcasts because I’m looking for a few new ones to listen to and I thought I would compile all the answers here. I have not listened to most of these podcasts so don’t take these as personal recommendations from me but keep in mind they are recommendations from people who follow me, just because they are on this list it doesn’t mean I necessarily endorse them. I do…

  • Old Favorites Made Modern - a modern Anne of Green Gables

    old FAVORITES made modern

    You know when you are really enjoying a book and you wish you could just have more of it? Today I have two fun resources for you where you can continue your enjoyment of two different books! The Lizzie Bennet Diaries I feel like lots of people have probably heard of this first one, and that is The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. If you enjoyed Pride and Prejudice (or even if you didn’t!) I think you’ll love The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.…