• Great New Picture Books Published in 2022

    more 2022 PICTURE BOOKS worth checking out

    Welcome to the second installment where I share some great picture books that have been published in 2022! If you missed it, you can check out the first one here. 2022 PICTURE BOOKS If you’ve read any great picture books this year I would love to hear them!

  • New Picture Books Worth Reading - 2022 Picture Books

    new PICTURE BOOKS worth checking out

    A few years ago I did regular round ups of good picture books and since then I’ve been finding good picture books harder and harder to find. BUT I’ve made it my mission to be a resource for those looking for good picture books for their kids. I read through a large number of picture books published this year and today I have five picture books to share with you! The next time I have five picture books I’ll share…

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    Wheels, No Wheels

    Author: Shannon McNeillA llama has no wheels. A turtle has no wheels. A cat has no wheels. Not to worry! A skateboard has wheels, a tractor has wheels and a bike has wheels. Some wily farm animals decide to go for a ride, leaving the farmer without her wheels. After the animals go and go and go and go, chaos ensues . . . but luckily there are some truck driving chicks to save the day.