• Middle Grade Books My Daughter has Enjoyed

    MIDDLE GRADE BOOKS my daughter has enjoyed this summer

    I am excited to start sharing some kids book lists here. I used to do this a lot over on my homeschool site but it just makes sense to have all the book lists in one place. Over time I may end up going back and even bringing in some of the more popular book lists from my homeschool site . . . or I’ll just stick to making new ones, only time will tell! Today I am kicking things…


    GRADE 7 BOOK LIST: 20 books I’m making my seventh grader read – mainly historical fiction & fantasy

    Here’s a list of books I want my seventh grader to read in our homeschool this year. There’s a heavy emphasis on historical fiction (because: #learning) and fantasy (one of her favorite genres). The plan is for her to read about two books off of this list each month, that should be pretty easy for her. BOOKS MENTIONED If you have suggestions for books that you think she would like, please leave them in the comments below!