• Dark Matter Reading Vlog

    DARK MATTER spoilery vlog

    This week I filmed a spoiler-filled reading vlog on the book Dark Matter for my Windy Poplars tier on Patreon. I have an alternate ending idea for the book though apparently not all agree with my ending. You can join Patreon and watch the vlog here.


    PRIDE & PREJUDICE spoilery vlog

    For the first time this year I decided to partake in Jane Austen July. There are a variety of different prompts one can fulfill for the readathon but I wanted to start by just reading one of Jane Austen’s novels and I decided to re-read Pride and Prejudice because I plan on reading five of her main novels this year. (This was my third for the year, I don’t plan on reading Mansfield Park, my strong dislike for that book…