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    Snow White with the Red Hair: Volume 1

    Author: Sorata AkizukiSeries: Snow White with the Red HairPublished: 2019-05-07A romantic retelling of a classic fairy tale about a beautiful herbalist and a lovestruck prince. Shirayuki is an herbalist famous for her naturally bright-red hair, and the prince of Tanbarun wants her all to himself! Unwilling to become the prince’s possession, she seeks shelter in the woods of the neighboring kingdom, where she gains an unlikely ally—the prince of that kingdom! He rescues her from her plight, and thus begins…

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    Barakamon Volume 1

    Author: Satsuki YoshinoSeries: BarakamonPublished: 2014-10-28First things first.........Visitors are supposed to come in through the front door!! For a certain reason, a handsome, young calligrapher by the name of Seishuu Handa uproots himself and moves to an island on the westernmost edge of Japan. "Sensei," as he comes to be known, is a city boy through and through, and has never experienced rural life until now. And by the looks of it, he has much to learn! Luckily(?), he has…

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    Perfect World Volume 1

    Author: Rie ArugaSeries: Perfect WorldPublished: 2020-03-24The moving, provocative manga about the struggles and triumphs in love of a woman and a man who uses a wheelchair comes to print! Fans of tumultuous manga romance like A Silent Voice and Your Lie in April - don't miss this! An office party reunites Tsugumi with her high school crush Itsuki. He's realised his dream of becoming an architect, but along the way, he experienced a spinal injury that put him in a…