• Homeschool Book Haul - lots of non-fiction books to add to our homeschool

    a summer homeschool BOOK HAUL

    Like every season, I’ve been keeping an eye out for some great homeschool resources and I’ve got a nice stack of books to share with you! These books all came from Book Outlet, I like to shop there because the books are discounted and help us save money in our homeschool! Plus, if you have never purchased from there before you can save $5 off your first order when you purchase through my link. The stock is always changing on…

  • Little Free Library Tour - Patreon Exclusive

    little free library TOUR

    This weekend I went around to a number of different Little Free Libraries and filmed a tour (plus a book unhaul and a haul after all the Little Free Libraries). If you want to check out the video make sure to join my Patreon since this was a Patreon exclusive video.


    the best BOOK and READING podcasts to listen to

    Awhile ago I asked on Instagram for your favorite book and reading podcasts because I’m looking for a few new ones to listen to and I thought I would compile all the answers here. I have not listened to most of these podcasts so don’t take these as personal recommendations from me but keep in mind they are recommendations from people who follow me, just because they are on this list it doesn’t mean I necessarily endorse them. I do…

  • August Book Club

    AUGUST book club

    My patrons have voted and this month’s book club will be held on Saturday, August 27th at 8pm EST! We don’t read one particular book like most book clubs, rather, we each come with a favorite book or two from the month and rave about them to try to convince others to read them. I have picked up a number of books that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise because of this book club. Sometimes people even pick a book to…


    a 40+ library BOOK HAUL because I like to request all.the.books plus a library experiment I’m conducting

    It’s no secret that I love the library (I mean: free books. Say no more.). Today I wanted to show you a look into the books I currently have checked out from the library as well as share about a library experiment that I am running this month (that is going very well so far). Since there were so many books mentioned in this video I’m not going to link them all today.